RT server changes on krbdev.mit.edu

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Thu Jul 10 18:35:44 EDT 2008

We have been experiencing some problems on RT with undesired web
comments from advertising robots.  Due to the RT server's sending of
e-mail copies of comments, the server appeared on the Barracuda
blacklist, and possibly others.  We implemented a few changes and
requested removal from the blacklist, which appears to have happened.

The account named "guest" no longer has access to make replies or
comments on tickets.  Also, we have deleted the existing spam comments
(numbering in the hundreds).  You may continue using the "guest"
account to search the database or display tickets.  The server
continues to be at


If you wish to reply to a ticket, you may do so by sending e-mail
replying to the message that RT sent to the krb5-bugs list, preserving
the subject line in your reply.  The important part to preserve is the
"[krbdev.mit.edu #TICKET_ID]" in the subject line; that will ensure
that the reply reaches the correct ticket.

Tom Yu
Development Manager
MIT Kerberos Consortium

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