writing Kerberized applications on windows platforms

sam sharma sam.sharma at gat.com
Mon Feb 25 19:51:34 EST 2008



I am using MIT Kerberos 1.6.3 GSS APIs for Kerberos authentication, data
integrity and confidentiality in our windows client/server applications. So
far I was using kinit generated credential cache file for setting client
credentials in client application.


I have requirement to use Windows logon user's credentials or Windows
impersonated user credentials (Windows Service) in our client application.
In case anyone can give me some hints how to get the user credentials from
Windows system and use in MIT Kerberos GSS APIs.


I came across these two utilities in Kerberos source code distribution:
mit2ms.c and ms2mit.c which I will be exploring in near future. 


Thanks in advance






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