OT: PyKerberos

Torsten Kurbad kerberos at tk-webart.de
Tue Feb 19 05:20:34 EST 2008

Hi folks,

I know, this is not strictly related to the subject of this list, but my
struggles with C finally produced a simplified wrapper to access some
functions of the kadm5clnt lib from Python, i.e. creation, deletion,
chpass of principals, check for existance and a complete list of all
principals can be obtained. The kadm5 module is based on Apple's
Currently, only KADM5_API_VERSION_1 is supported. Also, there's no
support for policies and principal attributes besides name, realm and
password. The admin.h I used is borrowed from the Perl kadm5 module and
represents a very stripped down version of the admin.h included in the
mit-krb5 package.

If someone wants to use/review/extend the code, feel free to check it
out at:


Regards and thanks for all the help,
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		-- Frank Hubbard

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