Commit notifications and diffs

ghudson@MIT.EDU ghudson at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 3 13:39:22 EST 2008

This discussion is only relevant to people who are on cvs-krb5 at
(which, despite the name, is the list where SVN commit notifications
are sent).

Yesterday we changed the commit handler to include Fisheye links which
you can click to see colorized diffs of the changes.

We also discussed sending commit diffs inline in the messages, so that
it takes fewer steps to read them, so that they can be read while
offline, and so that they can be easily responded to with inline

Is there anyone on cvs-krb5 who would object to receiving inline
diffs, with the understanding that they might be large in the case of
merges or big code additions and removals?  If so, we can create a
second list which gets diffs.  But there's no need for that complexity
if no one minds getting diffs.

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