Review of Kerberos AEAP API

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at
Tue Dec 2 12:58:28 EST 2008

2 dec 2008 kl. 09.46 skrev Love Hörnquist Åstrand:

> Hello here is my comments from the initial pass over the document.
> Limiting to only on DATA buffer is overly restrictive.
> On decryption, the HEADER/TRAILER data should be define to be read
> only as well as the ivec content, ie it should be possible to setup an
> recv'er ivec array and keep reusing it over and over again w/o re-init
> the data.
> There should be an option to have a readonly DATA buffer, but I can
> live w/o that for now.

All sizes, even pointers to sizes should be of type size_t (resp  
size_t *).


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