Project Write Up for set password (RFC 4234)

Luke Howard lukeh at
Mon Dec 1 17:32:57 EST 2008

On 02/12/2008, at 8:58 AM, Nicolas Williams wrote:

> On Tue, Dec 02, 2008 at 08:49:50AM +1100, Luke Howard wrote:
>>> Also, Solaris has an implementation of RFC3244.  If MIT could use it
>>> then perhaps a code donation might be feasible.
>> The mskrb-integ branch contains a working implementation of RFC3244
>> (both TCP and set password support).
> OK.  Do look at krb5.conf(4) on Solaris:
> You might want to be compatible with how we configure use of RFC3244.

I'm not sure this is relevant. If you use the kpasswd program, the  
kpasswd protocol is used. If you use ksetpwd, RFC 3244 is used.

My work was principally concerned with server-side support (in  
kadmind). The bulk of that work was in multiplexing TCP and RPC  
listeners, rather than the set password protocol itself.

-- Luke

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