Matching the iteration count for aes encryption when using a keytab

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Tue Aug 19 20:38:02 EDT 2008

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>I notice that the s2kaparams entry in the ETYPE_INFO2 as described in RFC4120 
>is a mechanism where the KDC can inform the client of a different iteration 
>count rather the default 4096 for AES encryption, so that the client can 
>match the generated key, similar to when a different salt is used.
>How would this work if the key is already precalculated and stored in a keytab
>, i.e if the kinit -k command used to obtain a ticket? I presume that a 

IIRC, the keytab stores the keys rather than passphrases used to
generate the keys.  The salt/iteration count is used to convert a
passphrase into a key.  So, neither should be necessary for regular
keytab files.

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