kadmind not starting if no /var/tmp

Vipin Rathor v.rathor at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 08:58:53 EDT 2008

hi list,
I'm using MIT krb5 1.6.3 and I case across this.
The scenario is when there is no /var/tmp dir, then only the kadmind
is starting,
otherwise this is happening:
# ls /var/tmp
ls: /var/tmp: No such file or directory
# kadmind
kadmind: Cannot set GSS-API authentication names.

I understood that basically there is no default place to store the
rcache file, that's
why the above behavior.
Just wanted to ask that Is this an expected behavior? Can't there be a
in which we can create the rcache dir, if not already present ?

Thanks in advance.
Have a great day ahead.

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