Unicode and APIs

John Hascall john at iastate.edu
Wed Sep 19 20:39:07 EDT 2007

> > I'm beginning to suspect that taking the
> > accumulated wisdom of the last 15 years and
> > just biting the bullet and starting on 'Kerberos V6'
> > is the one true way forward...

> You'd still have to migrate existing deployments.

True, but see below.

> And you'd still have to write the code.

True.  But A clean start in some places might well be a win.

> The problem here is not so much the protocol, but the operating systems
> on which the protocol is being used *AND* the bad habits (just-use-8)
> that have been bred over the years.

Right.  That's the hard part, and the only way to do it may
be with a carrot (new features and what not) along with the
stick (you can't do some of the old bad things any more, they
aren't in this API).


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