Unicode and APIs

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Sep 19 17:26:21 EDT 2007

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Moore <paul.moore at centrify.com> writes:

    Paul> My experience is that most of the core client side code
    Paul> works fine with UTF8 - since this format is designed to work
    Paul> in a code space that expects char* strings. Just pass in the
    Paul> utf8 to the char* params and they get moved through the
    Paul> system fine. Remember that an ascii string *is* UTF8 (just a
    Paul> limited subset of the char set). So flagging a string as
    Paul> UTF8 is not really needed (what would u do different if you
    Paul> knew the string was UTF8)

Paul, if you have not been following the krb-wg discussions of FAST,
internationalization and i18n then you're missing a lot of context.  I
suspect most of your work only has to do with Windows interop and so
you are probably not familiar with just-send-8 implementations where 8
!= utf8.  If you'd like to catch up on this context I'd be happy to
fill you in.

If the context is not UTF-8 then you need to know what just-send-8
charset to use.  If you are talking to a new KDC then you need to
convert to UTF8.

You probably want to assume ticket caches are in some consistent
locale across the system.

If you receieve a new ticket as a service you need to know what
charset to convert it to.


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