Compilation problem on HPUX

Kiran Kumar mkiran at
Tue Sep 4 03:22:09 EDT 2007

As Ken says, these look like errors in figuring out options for threads 
You can use the following options to enable threads support:
1) "-mt" option with aCC
2) -lpthread with cc
You will need to edit the configure script, to change these options. 
Just look for threads or thread in the configure script and change it to 
one of the above compiler dependent options.

Ken Raeburn wrote:
> On Sep 3, 2007, at 11:40, nukala krishna wrote:
>>         Sorry for the late response and thanks for the update. I got 
>> the below error while compiling 1.4 release code on HP-UX B 11.00 
>> using aCC compiler.
>> aCC: warning 901: unknown option: `-hreads': use +help for online 
>> documentation.
>> Error 119: "../../include/k5-platform.h", line 299 # #error "Don't 
>> know how to do unload-time finalization for this
>>     configuration."
>>     # error "Don't know how to do unload-time finalization for this co
>>       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This indicates that the configure scripts couldn't figure out how to 
> create a cleanup function to be run when the library is unloaded, if 
> it's been loaded with dlopen.  Looking at our development trunk, I 
> think we've got support in there now, so I'd suggest trying a more 
> recent release.
> The following errors are probably caused by the same root problem.
> The "-hreads" error may be a different issue.  I suspect the configure 
> scripts decided to try using "-threads" as a compiler flag, and it may 
> not be the right flag for that compiler.  That might still be broken 
> in the current release.
> Ken

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