Kerberos authentication in UTF-8

Xu Qiang Qiang.Xu at
Tue Sep 4 02:43:15 EDT 2007

Hi, all: 

I want to do a kerberos authentication with UTF-8 formatted request to Windows 2003 server. 

We are using krb5 library from MIT as a client tool.

I created a user in Windows 2003 ADS with password containing French characters. When I send the request to the server, the password has already been converted to UTF-8 format. But the authentication failed, citing the reason as "KRB5KDC_ERR_PREAUTH_FAILED". 

When my password in the ADS server is changed to normal ASCII characters, the authentication is successful. The network trace shows that although an error "KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_SKEW" is returned from the server, our client nevertheless tries to go on to send ldap search packets to the ADS server and the request got positive response. 

I have no idea that to authentication against some other character sets other than ASCII, what shall i do besides encoding my request (both username and password) in UTF-8 format?

Or is there any GUI tool (preferrably in Windows platform) than can be used to check if there is any mis-configuration at the server's end?

Hope to get some help for this issue,
Xu Qiang

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