Release Meetings

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Mon Oct 29 18:51:27 EDT 2007


As part of trying to improve our openness, we plan to start weekly
release/technical meetings to discuss the current state of release
planning and any technical issues that need face to face time.

Previously these discussions have been combined with an internal staff

We'd definitely like to open these meetings up to members of krbcore.
We would also like to encourage people not currently on krbcore to get
more involved in the project and where appropriate to join release
meetings.  Sun has already indicated interest in joining our meetings.

If you are (or are working on becoming ) involved enough in the
project that you think attending a weekly project planning/technical
meeting would be productive then drop me a line.  I'll send timing and
conference bridge details to krbcore and other interested parties once
we get them worked out.


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