mechglue registration of gss_buffer_t pointers

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 18 23:46:12 EDT 2007

I propose that we implement mechglue registration of gss_buffer_t
pointers.  By this, I mean that the mechglue layer will monitor
gss_buffer_t values returned from specific mechanism functions and
register an association between the mechanism and the gss_buffer_desc
"value" pointers pointing to mechanism-allocated memory.

This would allow the mechglue layer to call the mechanism-specific
gss_release_buffer() when the application calls the mechglue
gss_release_buffer().  An individual mechanism implementor would then
be able to use any desired memory allocation method without needing to
worry about compatibility with whatever allocator the mechglue happens
to use.  Also, my understanding is that on Windows, a DLL will use a
distinct memory allocation pool from whatever application loaded it,
which will immediately lead to many memory allocation problems if this
sort of buffer registration does not happen and loadable GSS
mechanisms are implemented on Windows.

Are there comments on or objections to this concept?


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