Documentation/Implementation of +requires_hwauth principal attribute.

Romain Komorn rkomorn at
Wed Oct 17 20:48:33 EDT 2007

I posted the following yesterday to the kerberos at list but received 
little feedback. Perhaps this list is a better forum for discussions on 
hardware auth implementation.


I can't seem to find solid documentation on whether or not MIT's KDC has
functionality supporting the use of the "requires_hwauth" attribute.
Although the attribute is documented, I don't see any references to how it
would be configured on the back end. Is there documentation available
discussing how hardware auth can be set up, or how kerberos should be
extended to support it?

To what extent does v1.5 (or 1.6) support setting that attribute on

And how does the attribute affect policy settings? Since hardware auth can
include OTP tokens, should a separate policy be created that doesn't
enforce password lifetimes?

URLs to documentation/examples would be greatly appreciated.

Romain Komorn
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