Fwd: pkinit SAN and EKU checking

Kevin Coffman kwc at citi.umich.edu
Mon May 14 19:09:57 EDT 2007

On 5/14/07, Sam Hartman <hartmans at mit.edu> wrote:
> So, currently external does nothing right?  I.E. we don't have support
> for it.

Correct, it does nothing extra right now.

> If so, I wonder if it is a useful option.

I know Ken Renard has code to plug in here (although there is not
actually a plugin interface yet).  As Doug points out, there is going
to be a real need for such flexibility.

> Long term, it seems like
> you either try the external plugins first, or you fall back to the
> external plugins.

Yes, and I was opting for the former.

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