Use --deps option to krb5-config

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Sun May 13 21:12:13 EDT 2007

On May 13, 2007, at 19:52, Sam Hartman wrote:
> However if I'm a third party application forcing static linking I want
> to be able to tell krb5-config to include dependencies.

It's a subtle point, but do you want to tell it to include  
dependencies, or that you want to link statically?  (And a related  
point, are we getting out a list of libraries or a list of link-time  

...  I was going to try to give an example where the distinction  
might matter, where there might be other options besides including  
the dependencies that would be relevant for the static link only.   
But the case I started imagining actually turned out to want a  
distinction between linking an executable and linking a shared  
library or dynamically loaded object.  (The specific idea was, on  
platforms that support it, when linking an executable, pass in an  
option -- perhaps specifying an additional init/fini function, or  
defining a symbol -- which tells the libraries that they can't be  
unloaded except at process exit time, and thus the cleanup functions  
that just free up memory and destroy mutexes local to the process  
would be a waste of time and should be skipped.)  For static linking,  
I think we can assume we're linking the executable, but for dynamic  
linking, it could be either way.  So if there are additional link- 
time options that could be of use, presumably you would want them  
when linking statically, but they wouldn't be appropriate output  
given an option that asks for full library dependencies.


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