SPNEGO problem with Firefox on Mac OS 10.4.9

Moritz Bechler mbechler at eenterphace.org
Fri May 11 04:54:35 EDT 2007


> Firefox sends not SPNEGO token but KRB_AP_REQ token instead (which is in
> fact should have been mechToken)

The Kerberos for MAC site says that OSX 10.4 includes KfM 5.5 which in
turn includes a 1.4 kerberos library - that version does not support
SPNEGO (introduced in 1.5). I don't know whether there is a newer version
available somewhere (the windows version has been upgraded to 1.5 a week
Firefox does not include a SPNEGO implementation of its own and falls back
to native GSSAPI-krb5 authentication because the library does not provide
the SPNEGO mechanism.

Moritz Bechler

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