porting CCAPI to UNIX

Ken Hornstein kenh at cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Tue May 8 13:09:39 EDT 2007

>You could use PAGs where available.  On Solaris task IDs come closest.

I don't see how that would work.  How would I store Kerberos credentials
inside of a PAG?  (Given my client base I can't assume AFS is available).

I had not known about task IDs ... but I am not sure that helps me.  It's
not that I need a per-session identifier ... I need a per-login session IPC
mechanism or a per-login session storage mechanism.  E.g., if Solaris
doors could be restricted to only processes within a certain task, that
would work.

>So you still depend on env vars.

"The devil you know", and all that.  We used them already, and they have
the right inheritance properties.


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