[PATCH] krb5_get_init_creds_opt_get_error and krb5_copy_error

Guenther Deschner gd at samba.org
Tue May 8 08:35:15 EDT 2007

Hi Tom,

Tom Yu wrote:
>>>>>> "Guenther" == Guenther Deschner <gd at samba.org> writes:
> Guenther> Can these calls be added to MIT kerberos? The patch is against MIT
> Guenther> kerberos 1.6.1 and has been valgrinded and tested on fedora core 6
> Guenther> x86_64.
> Thanks for the patch.  Please submit it as a bug report to
> krb5-bugs at mit.edu and we will consider it.  

I added the patch via (http://krbdev.mit.edu/rt/, Bug ID is: #5555. I 
assigned that bug to you (hope you don't mind).

> Does this break the existing ABI of our library?  It doesn't look like it does at first
> glance, but it would be useful to be certain.  

It modifies an internal, private structure (the krb5_gic_opt_private in 
krb5-1.6.1/src/include/k5-int.h) and adds two new calls to libkrb5 
(incl. header). So, I think it does not.

> Also, given the size of the contribution, we would like to know what copyright notice should
> be attached to it.

Hm, I've never seen personal copyright in MIT code, that is why I just 
used the "default" copyright header. If you do add personal copyright in 
an appropriate location, you can of course add my name there. If not, 
that's fine as well.


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