porting CCAPI to UNIX

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Fri May 4 15:42:41 EDT 2007

So, if inetd is out, are we okay with requiring a process to be  
started as root at system startup?

Unless we go back to the approach of allowing the process to be  
launched directly from the user's process via the library, and deal  
with the SIGCHLD issue, it sounds like the process not being there  
would simply be a fatal error (credential cache can't be created, and  
looking for it gets either not-found or internal-error).

If we want to allow non-privileged users to install and use this code  
(including for our own test suite), there will need to be some scheme  
for overriding the connection-point determination scheme.  There's  
always environment variables.  Or some value stuffed into the ccache  


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