Query on kpasswd and kadmin ?

Vipin Rathor v.rathor at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 10:22:05 EST 2007

Hi Folks,

I had a query on kerberos change password mechanism. One can change kerberos
password using two ways:

1. using 'kpasswd'

2. using 'kadmin'

I know that 'kadmin' is not based on any standard or RFC and hence we
sometimes have inter-op issues. But kpasswd seem to work well with most of
the kerberos implementation. Digging kpasswd code, it surprisingly does NOT
make use of kadm5_xxx() APIs but makes use of krb5_change_password() , a
krb5 API.

So my query is ,

" Is 'kpasswd' based on a standard/ Kerberos RFC" unlike the kadmin which is
not based on any RFC/standard ?

Looking forward for some guidance,

Thanks in advance,

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