Generate AS-REQ with RENEWABLE_OK flag?

Henry B. Hotz hotz at
Thu Jul 12 15:12:42 EDT 2007

On Jul 12, 2007, at 11:26 AM, Jeffrey Altman wrote:

> Henry B. Hotz wrote:
>> On Jul 12, 2007, at 6:44 AM, Sam Hartman wrote:
>>>>>>>> "Henry" == Henry B Hotz <hotz at> writes:
>>>     Henry> How do I generate a an AS_REQ with the RENEWABLE_OK flag
>>>     Henry> set?
>>> for a while now we've set that flag by default.
>> That's not what wireshark says.  I'll have to provide more info.
> KDC_OPT_RENEWABLE_OK is the default value of [libdefaults]
> "kdc_default_options".

No such option in krb5.conf man page on 1.6.1.  (Yeah, I know, use  
the source, Luke.)

> The flag is removed if the renew_till value is
> non-zero or if KDC_OPT_RENEWABLE is set.
> Jeffrey Altman

I was explicitly setting both the lifetime and the renew lifetime  
options in the request.  Trying to manually recreate a request like  
Solaris pam_krb5 makes, since that's so awkward to set up.  What  
you're saying is that RENEWABLE_OK goes away as soon as you try to be  
explicit for debugging.  P-(

This gives me something to look at.  Thanks!

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