open-source cryptocard libraries

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Fri Jan 19 16:21:03 EST 2007

>In my case, I'd like to support the KB-1 token, which has a secret AES
>key, known only to the token and the authentication server (in this case
>the KDC). There is also a shared secret seed value which is re-encrypted
>at every successfull authentication to generate the next seed value.
>The problem I can see at the moment, is that this requires that slave
>KDCs now be able to replicate the last seed value back to the master
>KDC. I could see this being a relatively minor hack to Heimdal's iprop
>protocol. How to do this with MIT kerberos seems a bit more .. messy..
>What thoughts do people have on this problem?

So, we use Cryptocard here (no secret), and we have two KDCs.  What do
we do about it?  Nothing.

It turns out something like 99.92% of the total requests go to our
first KDC (we do weekly auditing of our KDC requests, so I feel pretty
confident about that number).  It just doesn't end up being a problem
in practice ... and I think we have 5+ years of experience.  You could
beat youself up and come up with some multi-master solution ... or you
could just ignore the problem like I did, and you'll probably discover
that it's a non-problem.


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