2006:002 Patch question

Shivakeshav Santi ss488 at cornell.edu
Wed Jan 10 12:16:08 EST 2007


     We are running version 1.3.6 with patches (2005:002,2005:003). We 
cannot upgrade to 1.4 or above as we need kadmind4 (which is removed from 
1.4 onwards) .
The code in the function svc_do_xprt , in /lib/rpc/svc.c of 1.4 version is 
also present in svc_getreqset in /lib/rpc/svc.c of version 1.3.6. So I was 
wondering if this fix should apply to 1.3.6 and previous versions too.

Can you please confirm this.


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