RPC feature in MIT kerberos

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 8 17:01:15 EST 2007

>>>>> "Nicolas" == Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams at sun.com> writes:

    >> 3. Guess it might be something to do with open NFS V4, Is it ?
    >> I am no NFS V4 geek, so can anyone update me on this.  As an
    >> MIT Kerberos user I'll always want to know the real motive
    >> behind this feature.

    Nicolas> I can't speak for MIT, but I don't see the connection to
    Nicolas> NFSv4, other than standards compliance (RPCSEC_GSS is a
    Nicolas> Standards Track Internet protocol, whereas AUTH_GSSAPI is
    Nicolas> not).

The Univercity of Michigan did plan to use the code in an NFS
implementation and I believe is doing so.

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