hardware recommendation to run MIT KDC

Shivakeshav Santi ss488 at cornell.edu
Tue Aug 28 10:33:40 EDT 2007


     We have  an MIT KDC with roughly 350K records on an AIX machine(450 
MHz power3-II processors). We are thinking of moving the KDC off AIX. Our 
options are Solaris or Linux. Do you have any suggestions as to which one 
would be more stable and on what kind of hardware ?

I have read that KDC as such can run on a machine with basic configuration. 
Our current AIX machines are quite stable , but we have to move off of AIX 
So I am looking for a hardware & OS combination that would be stable and be 
able to handle 350K (and growing ) records. Right now we have about a 
million requests to KDC daily.

Thank you for you time.

Shivakeshav Santi

Programmer Analyst/Spec

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