how should plug-ins be located on Windows?

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Mon Aug 6 22:54:12 EDT 2007

Has anyone given any thought to how they would like to see plug-ins be
configured on Windows?

The Windows way would be to use a registry key that is accessible only
to the "Administrator" as a place to list plug-ins to be loaded.


What about digital signatures?  I would like to see an option that would
require that plug-ins be digitally signed if the Kerberos libraries are
digitally signed.

What about file name extensions?  Do we want to use .DLL or do we want
to adopt an alternative extension, such as .K5P, to indicate that the
module is a Kerberos v5 plug-in.  Windows won't care.

Please comment.  In a couple of days I will put a proposal together.

Jeffrey Altman

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