krb5plugin_preauth_client_ftable_v0 vs krb5plugin_preauth_client_ftable_v1

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at
Mon Aug 6 21:30:38 EDT 2007

In k5-int.h there is:

    struct krb5plugin_preauth_client_ftable_v0 *ftable;

However, there is no definition of krb5plugin_preauth_client_ftable_v0
as a type.  In src/lib/krb5/krb5/preauth2.c table is defined as

    struct krb5plugin_preauth_client_ftable_v1 *table;

And then in src/include/krb5/preauth_plugin.h we have

    typedef struct krb5plugin_preauth_client_ftable_v1 {
    } krb5plugin_preauth_client_ftable_v1;

I'm assuming that k5-int.h should be


Please confirm.

Jeffrey Altman

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