svn rev #19534: trunk/src/windows/build/

Danilo Almeida dalmeida at MIT.EDU
Sat Apr 28 17:33:46 EDT 2007

Ken wrote:

> No idea, offhand.  But it occurs to me that cygwin
> has dlls in the same directory; those would might
> be better to search for than bash. 

Ken, you are absolutely right.  I don't recall the name of the base
cygwin DLL (which implements the core API), but that would be
a good one to look for.

> > Btw, if the build itself does not need find per se, you could also 
> > just implement the relevant part of find in terms of Perl's 
> > File::Find.
> If it's part of the standard distribution, and the performance
> is good, yes, that may be better still.

I believe that it is part of any standard Perl distro (at least it
is part of the core ActiveState distro).  And, as I recall, the
perf if pretty good.

- Danilo

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