svn rev #19534: trunk/src/windows/build/

Danilo Almeida dalmeida at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 26 21:46:43 EDT 2007

> The reason that a specific path is being specified is because
> of name space collisions.  The Windows "find" and the UNIX "find"
> commands behave very differently and you need to make sure that
> you use the UNIX variant for the script to work properly.

Ah, I'd forgotten about the Windows find.

> I do agree that there are better ways to find it.  As Ken Raeburn
> suggested last week a better approach would be to figure out where
> "bash" is and then look for "find" in that location.

Alternatively, if find is in the same dir as the windows dir, then
keep looking.  That way you do not have to install bash when you
install cygwin.  (I'm assuming that bash is not required.)
Btw, if the build itself does not need find per se, you could also
just implement the relevant part of find in terms of
Perl's File::Find.
- Danilo

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