Need the information to Port Kerberos on VxWorks 6.2 version

jagadish ks ksjagadish2796 at
Mon Apr 16 04:56:03 EDT 2007


Please provide me the information, what all steps that i have to do the
porting of kerberos on VxWorks Verison 6.2.

1. Is it enough that i implment Kinit application to check if the porting is
done properly.
2. Which all the library that i have to include for Porting?
3. Is it necessary to to make sure that master database is running in
4. For my application, i want to have KDC database as Domain Controller of
my network, where it can find the entried for clients principal.
5. The Authentication Server and Ticket Granting Server on the Unix Server.
6. The Network device , for which i have to do the porting has VxWorks 6.2.
7. The implementation should be something like this, a network system sends
the request for TGT for the Network device, which in turn contact the
Authentication Server on the Server. This Server should check the Domain
Controller to find the entry for the system who is willing to get the TGT.
The Server should send the reply to System with the TGT. In the same manner,
request for a particular service should work.

Please Provide me this information.


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