Need information about krb5-1.5 release

Sachin Punadikar punadikar.sachin at
Mon Sep 18 05:31:53 EDT 2006

I got the answer to my first question.
KDB abstraction layer feature provides an abstraction layer over the native
kerberos database (KDB) so that Kerberos exploiters can choose to store the
authentication information in other databases like LDAP. This was basically
developed by Novell as Novell wanted to haveits LDAP called eDirectory to be
used as the Kerberos data store for the MIT KDC. This requirement was
originated from a product called SAMBA which uses Kerberos.

- Sachin

On 9/6/06, Sachin Punadikar <punadikar.sachin at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am having some queries regarding the new Kerberos release 1.5.
> 1. Where can I learn more about , the new feature KDB abstraction layer,
> donated by Novell  included in the Krb5-1.5 release ?
> 2. Also wanted to know if MIT Kerberos 1.5 release adheres to RFC 4120 and
> RFC 4121 ? I was not able to locate this information explicitly  anywhere
> on
> the site or the docs ?
> Your early reply is appriciated.
> Thanks in advance !!!

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