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> On Sep 8, 2006, at 11:58, Vipin Rathor wrote:
>>     As MIT_krb1.5 supports two plugin interfaces, one internal
>> interface for
>> new database layer and other public interface for KDC.
>> here, can anyone tell me,
>> 1.How i can use these interfaces to get most out of them?
>> there any reference doc. available for using these interfaces?
> No reference docs currently.
> kdc location: Are you doing anything interesting where krb5.conf
> entries or DNS SRV records won't cut it for locating your KDCs?

For reliability/network diversity perhaps you have slave kdc's in  
locations where you don't control the DNS.  Want to tell the client  
to use the closest kdc(s) first, but still try at least one from each  
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