Vista x86 client cross-realm interop with MIT KDCs

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> Subject: Vista x86 client cross-realm interop with MIT KDCs
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> Hello MIT developers,
> Microsoft has identified what they believe to be an interop issue
> between the Vista x86 client and recent MIT KDCs when operating as  
> part
> of an AD-MIT cross-realm scenario. Our CAMPUS.BERKELEY.EDU AD realm
> trusts our BERKELEY.EDU MIT realm and has worked fine for years with
> WinXP hosts joined to the CAMPUS domain where users are defined as
> @BERKELEY.EDU principals and mapped to shadow AD user accounts via
> altSecurityIdentities. See Microsoft's analysis of the issue near the
> end of the appended excerpt of the report I opened with the Vista  
> Beta team.
> --Karl
> Karl Grose
> UC Berkeley

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Out of curiosity, does it work if you delete the des-cbc-crc keys, so  
it *has* to use the des-cbc-md5 keys?

I know there have been discussions about why you can't do that in  
general, but I'm afraid I didn't track them.

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