Daylight saving time changes in MIT kerberos?

Danny Mayer mayer at
Fri Oct 13 17:21:14 EDT 2006

Jeffrey Hutzelman wrote:
> On Friday, October 13, 2006 09:54:19 AM -0400 Danny Mayer
> <mayer at> wrote:
>> What are you talking about? Timezones are local display issues. When you
>> go from summer time to winter time and visa versa do you see issues? All
>>  applications use UTC which doesn't care about timezones.
> Unfortunately, this is not entirely true.  Certain operating systems
> track local time, rather than UTC, and thus will report incorrect UTC
> times to applications if the timezone is not correct.

And how many of those can run Kerberos? You need proper time to run

  Further, users
> are prone to deciding that the time they see is wrong and "fixing" it by
> changing the time rather than selecting the correct timezone.  It seems
> not unlikely that a good portion of users will do so in response to the
> upcoming brokenness ("Oh, I know the rules changed; my computer must
> have done it wrong, so I'll just set the clock now").

Users are always right!
> Of course, systems using NTP with a reliable time source should have no
> problems, as long as the user does not tamper with the clock.

And if you look at my email address you will see that is where I'm from. :)

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