Issues w/ timezones on gssftpd

Philip Prindeville philipp at
Wed Nov 29 23:40:19 EST 2006

Tom Yu wrote:

>>>>>>"Philip" == Philip Prindeville <philipp at> writes:
>Philip> The fix could be as simple as making sure ctime() gets called
>Philip> before the chroot(). See the latest patch (attached).
>Philip> It sacrifices clarity for simplicity/portability, though... Except that
>Philip> I just tested the fix, and it doesn't work:
>Philip> Nov 29 19:40:33 mail ftpd[25081]: connection from ( at Wed Nov 29 19:40:33 2006
>Philip> Nov 29 19:40:37 mail ftpd[25081]: ANONYMOUS FTP LOGIN FROM, (guest)
>Philip> Nov 30 02:41:03 mail ftpd[25081]: get /pub/resume-ng.doc
>Philip> Nov 30 02:41:03 mail ftpd[25081]: get: 55296 bytes transferred
>This is completely unsurprising given my reading of the ftpd sources
>and the glibc sources, as discussed in my previous message.  For
>similar reasons, calling tzset() probably won't work either.

Well, the fact that tzset() fixes ctime/localtime but not
would appear to be a separate issue, right?


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