support for KDC referrals in the MIT KRB5 code

JC Ferguson jc at
Wed Nov 29 11:44:49 EST 2006

Hi, what version of the MIT KRB5 library code has support for the KDC
referrals internet draft, i.e.,
txt ?  If it isn't supported yet, is it on a roadmap for future

The current realm walk code is unable to deal with cases when the realm
fqdn's are not hierarchical, i.e.:

If these realms are all within one trust (i.e., a Microsoft Active
Directory forest with full bi-directional trusts), the realm walk code
does not appear to be able to obtain the correct TGTs for obtaining a
service ticket to a server in for a client in

It appears the internet-draft above would resolve this problem by
following the chain of referral tickets returned rather than brute-force
decomposition of the fqdn names.

thank you,

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