KFW and Vista

Sam Hartman hartmans at MIT.EDU
Wed Nov 22 17:57:34 EST 2006

>>>>> "Jeffrey" == Jeffrey Altman <jaltman at secure-endpoints.com> writes:

    Jeffrey> (1) configuration files such a krb5.ini, krb.con,
    Jeffrey> krbrealm.con etc.  can no longer remain in %WinDir% nor
    Jeffrey> can they be placed into \Program Files\MIT\Kerberos

    Jeffrey>     These locations will be virtualized for processes
    Jeffrey> that are not run with Administrative privileges or for
    Jeffrey> processes running within the WOW64 environment.  Instead,
    Jeffrey> Microsoft is recommending that system wide application
    Jeffrey> configuration files be placed into the "All
    Jeffrey> User\Application Data\<Company>\<Application>" directory
    Jeffrey> which will be accessible to all processes.

What do you mean by virtualized.

    Jeffrey> (4) In order to build with the new MSLSA functionality
    Jeffrey> that was added to Vista for use with KFW, the Kerberos
    Jeffrey> libraries must be compiled with the Windows Vista SDK.
    Jeffrey> There is also a need to use the Vista SDK for
    Jeffrey> applications that require administrative privileges.
    Jeffrey> There are several new symbols and functions that will be
    Jeffrey> required to implement them. This is going to be a problem
    Jeffrey> in several regards.

    Jeffrey>     (a) The Windows Vista SDK does not support Windows
    Jeffrey> 2000.

If I was going to produce two installers, I'd produce one for W2K and
one for everything newer.  At that point though I'd ask whether we
have a requirement to support W2k.


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