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Wed May 31 10:34:51 EDT 2006

On May 31,  2:55am, Tom Yu wrote:
} Subject: krb5-1.5-alpha1 is available

> Major changes in 1.5
> - ----------------------
> Merged to the trunk and included in this alpha release:
> * plug-in architecture (in-progress)

Is the plug-in architecture only to support multiple databases or is
it a generic mechanism which will support authorization payload
injection and the like?

Based on our experiences and other issues which consistently pop-up on
the list the ability to intercept and modify, at a minimum, AS_REQ and
TGS_REQ handling is needed.

We've been carrying out plug-in system for a couple of years now and
would certainly like to use something in-tree if possible.

Thanks muchk, have a good day.


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