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Thu May 18 14:13:55 EDT 2006

Thanks to Sam for the recommendation.  The OpenVMS Kerberos
documentation can be found at the following site.  Look for "HP Open
Source Security for OpenVMS, Volume 3: Kerberos" - it's available in
both HTML and PDF formats.


There will be an new version of the docs (and kits) posted in another
month or two, which will update to MIT version 1.4.x, add some missing
information, and correct a few errors.

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Thank You for the suggestion and prompt reply.

Anu M

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We don't have a great API document at the current time.

I'd recommend using GSS-API instead of Kerberos directly if aat all
possible.  Sun and HP's Open VMS groups both have good documentation for

HP OpenVMS also has documentation of something very close to our
Kerberos APIs and that's the best approach I can recommend at this time.


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