Windows 2000 kerberos query

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You need to scroll the options window down, these options are further
down the list 

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Hi Group,


I created a domain controller  executing  dcpromo command and  going
through the steps in active directory wizard,  later I created a user in
Active Directory Users and Computers .


User Account  Options tab has following options  


User Must change password at next logon.

User cannot change password.

Password never expires.

Store password using reversible encryption.


According to microsoft  documentation  the  following options will be
avilable on  User Accounts tab


Smart card is required for interactive login

Account is trusted for delegation 

Account is sensitive cannot be delegated

The DES encryption types for this account


Am I missing to install any components ? 


Secondly How do I  create Proxiable tickets as of now default ticket are
Forwardable   .






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