more KDB-LDAP stuff

Ken Raeburn raeburn at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 22 11:45:54 EST 2006

Still working on the code... some random issues:

1) Can the eDirectory support be made into a run-time test rather  
than a compile-time test?  (Preferably automatically detected rather  
than specified by command-line.)  It would be unfortunate if binary  
packages could either support eDirectory realms or support non- 
eDirectory realms, but not both.  (I don't think this is urgent.)

2) The kdb-ldap code defines a bunch of symbols krb5_dbe_ 
{lookup,update}_{last_pwd_change,mod_princ_data,tl_data} which are  
also defined in and exported from the kdb5 library.  Should the kdb- 
ldap code have its own implementation of the same functionality?  If  
so, they should be renamed.

I'm about to start working on the error info handling proposal I put  
forth on the list recently.  I'm still reviewing the LDAP submission  
changes, and there are still several problems that'll need to be  
fixed before it can be merged.

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