version numbering for kfw

Jeffrey Altman jaltman at MIT.EDU
Mon Mar 13 10:07:54 EST 2006

Sam Hartman wrote:
> This proposal seems harmless provided the build level doesn't leak
> anywhere else.  I suspect that long term we'll find we don't like
> doing things this way, but we can change then.
> --Sam

Tom and I spoke further on Friday afternoon.  Tom would prefer
that the Windows specific build number not be included in
patchlevel.h.   We also identified a need to be able to override
the KRB5_RELTAIL in the KFW releases since we need it to indicate
"kfw-3.1-beta-1" and not "post-release".

Any objections to creating a windows/patchlevel.h file that
would be used for these purposes?

Jeffrey Altman

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