SASL/GSSAPI bind in LDAP plugin?

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>>> The open-architecture community never developed a holistic view of
>>> IAA.  Authentication and authorization needed to be architecturally
>>> wedded but this never occurred until Microsoft stepped in and filled
>>> the void.  That effectively ceded the most critical element of  
>>> modern
>>> information delivery architectures to proprietary control.
>>> The Open-Source community responded in typical fashion by moving to
>>> create a functional clone of the AD model.  Great and inspired
>>> engineering which ultimately indemnifies the position of the pundits
>>> that OSS replicates rather than innovates.
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I was more expressing a generic frustration than trying to start a  
big off-topic thread like this.  Open source by its nature does not  
have real leaders with real authority.  It operates by consensus and  
gets driven by people's common background and by the most persuasive  
people in that background.

Anyone arguing for something that requires more background knowledge  
than is common is taking on the education task in addition to the  
basic sales task.  With open source there are a lot more people you  
need to educate before anything happens.

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