Error while compiling krb 1.5

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Wed Jul 5 16:08:58 EDT 2006

>My guess is that most people's static build requirements would be
>satisfied by a build option that builds both static and shared libraries,
>still builds all the server code (kdc, kadmind, etc.) against the shared
>libraries, and only builds the clients against the static libraries.  That
>makes the build machinery more complex, but it sould resolve the plugin
>problem since I don't expect the clients will need plugins.

That's exactly what I need.

Regarding GSS mechs ... I only care about one (the Kerberos mechanism).
Seems like that would easy to just include that in the GSS library
if you ask for a static client build.

(God, if a plugin directory would need to be configured on the client ...
GAACK!  What a configuration nightmare).


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