Error while compiling krb 1.5 Rainer.Heilke at
Wed Jul 5 13:42:00 EDT 2006

> > BTW, I do remember reading somewhere that someone wanted 
> Solaris to stop
> > supporting static libraries period, but I don't think that has gone
> > anywhere, and may have died a silent death. This was some 
> time ago (a
> > year, maybe?).
> It would be remarkably strange to stop supporting static 
> libraries period,
> as static libraries are really nothing more than a collection 
> of object
> files and you have to support linking together a collection of object
> files anyway since that's how regular executables are made.  The small
> amount of additional code in ld to read ar-format collections 
> of object
> files wouldn't be worth the disruption to remove.

Agreed. I didn't say I agreed with the proposal. ;-)

> Most platforms these days seem to be dropping support for statically
> linking with glibc and strongly encouraging people to use shared
> application libraries, but I expect static libraries will 
> always work to
> some degree.

Shared libraries seems to be The Right Thing(tm), but I don't have enough programming chops to be an effective evangelist. But, we're getting a little off-topic. :-) I just wanted to raise the issue to make sure that the new Solaris 10 philosophy was known, and wasn't going to negate the intentions of anyone here with their hearts set on taking a route that was going to be unsupported down the road. :-)


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