Error while compiling krb 1.5

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Wed Jul 5 07:22:04 EDT 2006

In message <A9058466-70B7-4389-9FD7-3969577CA7F6 at>, Ken Raeburn 
> On Jul 5, 2006, at 06:28, Rainer Weikusat wrote:
> >> Kerberos 1.5 does not support building without shared libraries.
> >
> > Is there a technical reason for this or is this just the way the  
> > build system
> > works?
> More like the way the build system fails to work, at the moment.
> The support for building dynamically loadable modules (which are not  
> always the same as shared libraries), selected on a per-directory  
> basis (instead of via configure options as with static vs shared),  
> doesn't currently interact well with the configure/makefile support  
> for building static libraries.
> That is something we'd like to clean up, though it hasn't been high  
> on our priority list, because so far as we're aware it's not urgent  
> for most other people either; we expect the most popular and most  
> important use cases by far to involve deploying shared libraries  
> only.  (We could be wrong.  But so far I think this is only the  
> second complaint we've heard since putting out the pre-1.5 test  
> releases.)  Higher priority has been stuff like the dynamically  
> loadable module support (infrastructure, KDC database interface,  
> service location interface) and some other bits of new  
> functionality.  (Some of which, unfortunately, still didn't make our  
> 1.5 deadline, and will probably be in 1.5.1 or 1.6.)
> That said, we probably should've put a note in the release notes, and/ 
> or disabled the configure-time option with a message explaining the  
> lack of static-library support for the moment....

I'm assuming that this will be fixed in a future release, right? The reason I ask is that I'm updating the FreeBSD krb5 port. If static library support will be fixed at some future time, I will leave the static library package infrastructure, albeit commented out for now, in the port's package list.

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