Is there a way to renew a user's TGT

Roland Dowdeswell elric at
Wed Jan 25 17:37:25 EST 2006

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ryan.d.jarvis at wrote:
>Is it possible to automatically renew user TGTs  without a user's original
>credentials (Smart Card or Cached Password)?
>The tickets have a renewal period set to 7 days - but only last until the
>original TGT expires (1 hour - for tests)

Well, you can obtain renewable tickets and then use kinit -R to
renew them.  To do this for long running jobs, you might want to
increase the renewable lifetime of the tickets, i.e.

	$ kinit -r 40d user at REALM.TLD

Then periodically, kinit -R.  You must renew them before they expire.

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