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Wed Jan 25 15:11:22 EST 2006

Renewing Kerberos TGT's for users.

Is it possible to automatically renew user TGTs  without a user's original
credentials (Smart Card or Cached Password)?
The tickets have a renewal period set to 7 days - but only last until the
original TGT expires (1 hour - for tests)

I have seen how I can renew the service tickets just fine without a Smart
Card since the KDC can use the user's TGT. But is there a way to renew the
TGT without the smart card in the reader? If not, is there an alternative?
We would like to leverage Kerberos with Smart Cards, but have some long
jobs that require access to network resources and the user's of those jobs
have gone home with their smart cards and left their computers running.
Some of these jobs can last 1 - 5 weeks.


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